Cattleya Specialization:

The areas of our expertise include sourcing, processing, product development, Packaging development, marketing, and sales. To ensure quality and transparency for all of our seafood, we support our business associates around the globe to source and process the highest-quality products.

How We Do It
  • By ensuring close contact and seamless interactions with customers and suppliers.
  • By foreseeing the emerging market and new products.
  • By committing to honest business practices through transparent.
  • Communication and ethical ethos.

Our Extended Services

Marketing Intelligence

With Cattleya, you get top-quality seafood sourced in the right manner, at the right time, at the right place and at the right price. We select suppliers based on the specifications and requirements given by our customers. Through personal contact and market reports, customers are given accurate information about market fluctuations, changes, and developments at origin.

Quality control & Inspection audit

Cattleya’s – comprehensive producer network undergoes auditing on a regular basis. In order to ensure that quality and specifications are in accordance with food safety and specifications, each order is constantly tested, inspected, and accompanied by the nominated customer audit firm QC or by our own people across the entire supply chain. An in-depth inspection report, including a laboratory analysis, is provided prior to shipment.

Packaging And Labelling Design

The Design Team at Cattleya specializes in improving, conceptualizing, and developing seafood brands and packaging keeping up with the latest trends. Our labels are constantly updated to reflect the latest regulatory requirements.

On Time Delivery

Once product is ordered the most important part is to deliver the product as per contract. We ensure continuous monitoring with factory management, Inspection agency and Shipping agents to collaborate everyone for on-time shipment.