Cattleya -A seafood tale

Specializes in sourcing freshly processed seafood products and supplies its partners worldwide. With more than 22 years of management experience exporting and supplying ethically sourced seafood to importers, retailers, food services, and industrial customers, Cattleya – A seafood tale holds a strong reputation among ethical seafood suppliers.

Our team is made up of passionate, hard-working young people with extensive product knowledge and expertise gained over the years in sourcing the best sustainable seafood from India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

We take immense pleasure and pride in sourcing and delivering to our partner companies in the EU, the USA, and Asia. Our company is responsibly dedicated to cooperating with its partner to import and distribute a wide range of sustainable high-quality seafood products. With an extensive range of high-quality sustainable seafood products, we strive to meet the expectations of our partners to our best capacity.

We are committed to ensuring premium quality, freshness, and sustainability for all our seafood, from the moment it leaves the water until it reaches our valued customers.