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September 2021

KING PRAWN from Bangladesh

The Fresh Water Shrimp also known as the Giant river Prawn or Giant freshwater prawn can be identified by its long blueish claws. This species is primarily available from Aquaculture and lives in fresh water. The season will start from late August till December. Bangladesh supplies a mentionable quantity of farm raised Freshwater shrimp. You...

Black Tiger shrimps from Bangladesh

Black tiger Shrimp is one of the most sought-after shrimp species throughout the world. They are unrivaled when it comes to taste, distinctive color, texture and bigger size availability and for a fact, it is a healthy source of proteins. Bangladesh supplies a mentionable quantity of farm raised organic shrimps. You may find our Black...

The Most prestigious pearl of the Ocean

Indian origin Sea tiger (Penaeus monodon), The most prestigious pearl of the ocean is available with us. The season has starts from July and stays till end January. This high value products are also known as Giant Tiger prawn, Asian tiger prawn. which is caught from the deep-sea water. Wild catch certificate is also available.

Shrimp Market Consultation

Shrimp Market Consultation- Utrecht- The Netherlands -2019 Co-founder of Cattleya- A seafood tale – Mr. Ahsan H Bappee Participated the Bangladesh Shrimp market consultation at Utrecht- The Netherlands - 2019. Buyers and importers of the European Union along with the high officials of Fisheries and seafood products are seen in the picture. Find the full news: click...