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sources and supplies its partners worldwide with sustainable seafood products, therefore by selecting our services you contribute to the sustainable maintenance of the global supply of farm and marine products.

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KING PRAWN from Bangladesh

The Fresh Water Shrimp also known as the Giant river Prawn or Giant freshwater prawn can be identified by... read more

Seafood Expo North America – 2022

Cattleya -A seafood tale, will be joining the Expo which is scheduled for March 13-15, 2022 | Boston, USA. You... read more

The most commercially traded shrimp species – Vannamei

Vannamei Shrimp is one of the most valuable traded shrimp species, mostly known as White Leg Shrimp. Cattleya- A... read more

Value added shrimp products

Cattleya - A seafood tale is continuously working on value added shrimp products. Our signature products include Skewer shrimps,... read more

Black Tiger shrimps from Bangladesh

Black tiger Shrimp is one of the most sought-after shrimp species throughout the world. They are unrivaled when it... read more

The Most prestigious pearl of the Ocean

Indian origin Sea tiger (Penaeus monodon), The most prestigious pearl of the ocean is available with us. The season... read more

Seafood Expo Global- 2022

Cattleya -A seafood tale, will be joining the 28th edition of the Expo which is scheduled for 26-28 April,... read more

Shrimp Market Consultation

Shrimp Market Consultation- Utrecht- The Netherlands -2019 Co-founder of Cattleya- A seafood tale – Mr. Ahsan H Bappee Participated the... read more